Temperature Monitored.

Whether the shipment requires heated, cool, frozen or multi-temp conditions, Highway King can deliver your needs efficiently. We can have up to 2 different temperatures in our trailers. Our technological advancements have assisted us in providing accurate temperature monitoring to implement the best temperature regulations in the industry! Our specialty in the trucking industry with over 15 years of experience maintains our quality of service regardless what the needs of the shipments are! We got you covered!

Dry Van

Our dry vans can ensure that your shipment is handled with care without the worry of temperatures affecting the goods. Whether this may be electronics or general loads, we are specialized in handling all types of loads with our high-end temperature regulated equipment!


Our reefer vans are equipped with a state-of-the-art temperature monitoring and control of equipment that allows accurate temperature readings. This way, our clients do not have to worry about whether their produce or poultry lost its potency during the trip. We make sure all our shipments are fresh or frozen depending on what the client needs!

Our heated vans have sustained their heat no matter how freezing winter is. Whether it is down south in the United States or up north in freezing Canada, our heated vans can maintain its temperature with our close temperature monitoring system.

Our multi-temp vans are equipped with best in-class reefer technology that allows our trailers to be divided to up to 2 departments. This means we can equip our trailers with 2 different temperature regulations at the same time! You can trust our experience to deliver the quality of shipment you need whether it requires heated, frozen and dry shipments all at the same time or a specific temperature in the trailer.