Our Team.

Management Team

Our management team works to keep the wheels of our business turning.  Whether helping a customer find a solution to a unique problem, bringing our team members together to improve efficiency, or guiding in new business strategies, our management team is always working to develop Highway King Transport into the best business it can be.

Nicole Nass – Director

Farah Ali – Office Manager

Caroline Campbell – Operations Manager

Office Personnel

Our office is made up of teams who work behind the scenes to keep things moving. From accounting to IT and customer service to driver support, these teams take care of the day-to-day tasks that need attention.

Taran Pandher – Controller

Danny Baldwal – Payroll Manager

Harpreet Sidhu- IT

Jenna Petula – Business Development

Our Collaborative Teams

SAFETY TEAM- Our safety team works hard to ensure that safety remains a top priority for all of our drivers and staff.  This team monitors drivers on the road using state-of-the-art technology, provides training sessions on new and relevant safety-related topics, and follows up to ensure that Hours of Service records are always properly recorded and maintained.

DISPATCH TEAM- Utilizing technology to constantly monitor and track our fleet of 150+ trucks, our dispatch team works 24/7 to ensure that our trucks are able to reach their destination efficiently.  Supporting customers and drivers alike, our dispatch teams are broken down into focus areas, allowing the teams to act as experts in their area.   Our dispatch teams include:

Local Dispatch Team

BC-AB Lanes Team

BC-ON Lanes Team

Canada- US Lanes Team

Updates Team

After Hours Team

HIRING TEAM-  We are always hiring great talent, and great drivers.  See our Careers page for more information, or send your resume to hiring@highwayking.ca

Yard Crew

We know that providing the best service also means ensuring a preventative maintenance plan is followed for all of our tractors and trailers. Our on-site mechanics are able to quickly respond to unexpected events to keep our assets ready to serve you.  Our yard team includes maintenance, mechanics, washers, shunt drivers, and security personnel.

Damian Buller – Yard Manager

Raj Saggu – Fleet Manager

Interested in becoming part of our team?

Check out our careers page and then contact us!